Canndeo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of THC and was established to supply high quality imported medicinal cannabis into Australia, as well as developing Australian production of medicinal cannabis.

Canndeo partners with leading international organisations to provide medicinal cannabis formulations that may assist in a range of medical indications.

With a strong commitment to providing evidence as well as quality, Canndeo continues to invest in building clinical data on the use of medicinal cannabis formulations to support more informed prescribing.

Canndeo focuses on CBD formulations, which are not psychoactive and used internationally by patients for a range of indications and symptoms including epilepsy, anxiety disorders, pain and inflammation.

Canndeo partners internationally to supply THC-containing formulations into Australia. THC- containing formulations been used internationally by patients in a range of indications and symptoms including antiemetic, pain management, appetite stimulant, spasticity management as well as use in palliative care.

Canndeo is dedicated to supporting patients, doctors, pharmacists and health care professionals with formulations, training and evidence to enable informed decision making with medicinal cannabis.

Canndeo received a Cannabis Research Licence in July 2017 and a Medicinal Cannabis Licence in November 2017. Canndeo leverages +17 years of Cannabis sativa breeding, variety selection and growth management.


Canndeo was founded by Agri Fibre Industries (AFI), Australia’s leader in breeding and technology for Cannabis sativa with more Australian Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) for Cannabis sativa than any other organisation. AFI has more than 17 years of background in the breeding, growth management, quality control and use of Cannabis sativa.
Through IP Licences with AFI, Canndeo will deliver the core expertise to both supply medicinal cannabis products in Australia, and to establish a program for development of new medicinal products from Cannabis sativa.

Vision and Approach

Canndeo’s mission is to be a world leader in the development of therapeutically superior, paramount quality and cost effective
medicines derived from Cannabis sativa.
We will achieve this through our end-to-end integration of essential capability and intellectual property, by investing and
fostering connections through the entire value chain:
•􀀁 Breeding of superior strains of Cannabis sativa withoutgenetic modification
•􀀁 Applying superior quality management and technology approaches through plant growth, extraction and medicine production
•􀀁 Supporting leading research centres in understanding the therapeutic value of cannabinoids and other Cannabis sativa products, and efficiently pursuing their trial and approval as medicines
•􀀁 Working with doctors, pharmacies, patient support groups, governments and regulatory agencies to ensure adherence to the highest standards of care within a regulated environment.

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