Executive Leadership

The Hydroponics Company Executive Personnel And Management

Ken Charteris Group Chief Executive Officer

Ken is a veteran of multiple biotech and pharmaceutical companies over the past three decades as CEO, Managing Director and Chairman. In previous Executive roles Ken has had full P&L and balance sheet responsibility including legal and financial compliance in listed and international structures, leading businesses with revenue exceeding $200m and asset bases within $100m - $500m. Ken has a proven track record in hands on roles within major listed international companies improving profit growth and effecting share price increase.

Ken was involved in various senior levels within THC since prior to listing on the ASX, Ken has been instrumental in the execution of the Company’s strategic plan, including the acquisition of THC’s manufacturing facility and the securing of commercial partnerships with Ascent Industries (North America) and Endoca (Europe). Ken has a specific mandate to drive future acquisitions and alliances for THC.

Jarrod WhiteChief Financial Officer

Jarrod is a Chartered Accountant and founding Director of Traverse Accountants Pty Ltd, a Corporate Advisory and Chartered Accounting Firm based in Sydney. Jarrod has been appointed Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer of several other listed entities that operate on the Australian Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange, and has a sound knowledge of corporate governance and compliance. Jarrod has also been an advisor to a wide range of capital raisings, IPO’s and reverse takeover transactions.

Dr Michael HarrisonAPI Manager - Pharmaceutical Botanicals Manufacturing

Michael has a doctorate in chemical engineering with over 20 years’ experience in bio-extraction of APIs. Michael was a production manager at Leo Pharma before joining THC Pharma, with a sound knowledge of the manufacturing bio-extract facility, GMP and API processes. Michael will lead new process and formula development at the R&D and manufacturing facility.

Brett SvedinekLaboratory Supervisor - Pharmaceuticals Botanical Manufacturing

Brett is qualified with a Bachelor of Science with majors in Chemistry & Environmental Science, with more than 10 years experience in pharmaceutical testing laboratories. Brett’s career includes roles as laboratory analyst, senior analyst and laboratory specialist with multi-national company Leo-pharma in an TGA & FDA audited and accredited laboratory. During his career Brett has overseen several laboratory upgrade projects to allow for the testing of new product lines and increased throughput.

John HallCannabis Strain Development & Agronomy

John Hall brings over 30 years’ experience in plant breeding, crop management and monitoring systems, as well as directorships of several companies. He has worked extensively in crop nutrition, including hydroponics, and was involved in breeding 7 of 9 registered industrial hemp varieties in Australia for the company. John has also consulted extensively in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia. He developed a unique system for remote crop monitoring and integrated management which has been adopted in six countries.

Dr Andrew Beehag Lead, Medicinal Cannabis Division

Andrew led the establishment of this business at its inception in 2016 including its successful licensing and partnership alliancing with Endoca and BOL Pharma and will continue to build THC’s successful investment and partnership strategy gearing up THC to supply to domestic patients and the export market in the near to medium term. Andrew’s key skills include creation and execution of strategic plans, operations and personnel management, intellectual property management and commercialisation, budgeting and financial forecasting, stakeholder negotiation and management, project management, public speaking and development of high performing teams.

Katy Williams Day Pharmaceutical Product & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Katy is qualified as a Master of Pharmacy with more than 20 years of experience in the regulatory, market, quality and clinical development of pharmaceutical products. Her career includes roles as Head of Medical Affairs, Head of Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality with organisations including Merck Serono, Phebra, Sandoz, Pfizer and Genzyme. Katy is also experienced in patient advocacy approaches critical to successful medicinal cannabis product adoption.

Jason ColquhounCEO Crystal Mountain Products

Jason Colquhoun is the vendor of Crystal Mountain (Incorporated in Canada) and Dragon Vision (incorporated in Hong Kong), companies specializing in horticultural supplies. Jason is a self-made entrepreneur, with a broad range of international experience. Honing his business skills with a small start-up based out of his garage, Jason has successfully grown his business acumen to become a multi-national, multi-million-dollar enterprise. Jason is an expert in his field and remains highly involved in logistics, research and development, marketing, product design and customer relations.